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Adverse Weather Policy


 Adverse Weather Policy

• General

Although APGC will take every precaution to ensure the safety of players in the event of adverse weather conditions, it is a player's own responsibility to discontinue play when in his/her opinion they may be in danger.  It is not always possible to monitor conditions on the entire course and players have a duty of care to themselves. 

• Lightning

In the unlikely event that lightning is evident whilst playing golf, all golfers are reminded of the procedures regarding lightning as below. If there is a risk of lightning play must be discontinued and golfers are advised to return to the clubhouse and wait for the lightning to cease before continuing their round. APGC is not responsible for the safety of any golfer on the course and it is therefore the responsibility of the golfer to remove himself/herself from any situation which is deemed unsafe.

• Do not seek shelter under trees. Trees do not protect you from lightning.

• Do not seek shelter in a buggy. Buggies do not protect you from lightning.

• If the clubhouse is too far away, players should leave their clubs and seek protection in the nearest bunker and crouch down making themselves as small a target as possible (feet together, hands on knees and head tucked in).

• Fog

In the presence of fog, the flag on the 1st green must be visible from the back edge of the 1st tee before play can commence. In this situation APGC will endeavour to keep any delays in starting to an absolute minimum. It is important to remember your responsibility in taking your shot. Should a bank of fog roll in whilst playing, you should not hit or attempt to hit the ball until you have ensured that no other player or person is within your range.

• Frost

When frost conditions are evident, play will be suspended till such a time as conditions have changed to protect turf from damage.

• Heavy Rain

In the event of heavy rain, it may be necessary to restrict the use of buggies if ground conditions are deemed unsafe for buggy use. Please see ‘In an organised event’ below for unplayable course in an organised event.

• High Winds

If there is any doubt as to the suitability for play the Met Office weather app gives good weather warning advice and the following should be observed. Yellow warning for wind - play at your own risk although you should be ready to abandon play if the weather deteriorates to an amber or red warning Amber and Red warnings for wind - the course will be closed for play until these warnings clear.

• In an organised event

The decision to suspend or stop play lies with the tournament organiser. In the case of APGC tournaments, the responsibility lies with the golf professional. If weather conditions become so severe that APGC believe that the Health and Safety of all golfers and staff is at significant risk, or the course becomes unplayable, an air horn will be sounded by a representative from the professionals’ shop. This action will take precedence over any other individual or organiser’s decision previously supported, and play should be halted immediately and players should take shelter or return to the clubhouse. The golfer’s position on the course should be marked and reasonable care should be taken when evacuating the golf course. When it is possible for play to restart, golfers should resume their game and place on the course.

Air Horn - One long blast – Play Suspended Two Short Blasts – Resume Play

• Insurance and Safety

Everyone is advised to ensure they are adequately insured whilst playing golf. In the interests of safety, please ensure no one is in range before playing a shot. Be aware of flying golf balls. Golf shoes must be worn. All players are reminded all golf is played at own risk including all weather conditions.


14/02/2020. This document supersedes any previous instruction on the above


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