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Other Services

 APGC offer a full custom repair service for your equipment and electric trolley.

 Please enquire in the Pro shop for re-shaft pricing, which is dependent on the shaft required.

Basic steel re-shaft                          £22.00 + grip

Graphite Re-shaft                            £Price Dependent on Product

Loft and Lie Adjustment                   £4.00

Club Extension                                £8.00 + Grip

Club Reduction                                £6.00 + Grip

Re-grips start from                           £5.00 per club

Loft and lie adjustment                    £5.00 per club

Club Stamping                                 £5 for 3 letters


Club Buffing                                     £8 per club


Electric Trolley Repairs                    £Quote available

Battery or Charger Testing               £10.00

All Electric Trolley work is completed offsite.  Collection is early on a Thursday, with a return the following Thursday.

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